It's SUPPOSED to be getting warmer around now...
Instead we get bombarded by a snowstorm!
Most schools in my area weren't allowed to even go to school when it didn't even start snowing until 10AM. I used the day to clean my room, and it's interesting to see what I found. Among them: my gameboy and Pokemon Crystal version!
I've been playing it ever since... hmm, I'm debating whether I should head out to JR Electronics this weekend to buy Fire Red version (JR Electronics is like the only place that has it in the tri-state area).

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1. Log out, so when you comment it'll be 'anonymous'.
2. Name three things you like about me.
3. Name three things you dislike about me.
4. Would you consider us 'friends', 'acquaintances', or 'enemies'?
5. Use one word to describe me.
6. I'll reply to your comment, and guess who posted this.
7. If I'm right, repost this.

Happy New Year people!
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Changed the layout because I was bored.
I like this theme...
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This is kind of late, but whatever...


It would have snowed if it was like 20 degrees colder, but whatever. It supposed to snow tomorrow...
Hmm... I think I'm going to exchange my JBL On Stage for an iHome.

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Why is it that people always IM you at when you just signed on to check your mail, and nobody IMs you when you're incredibly bored?

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Post a comment about me. Am I snooby and self centered, or am I selfless and a vigilante? Please make it anoymonous, and of course IPs won't be logged.
This could be intresting but I highly doubt anybody will comment.

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I was bored, found these on my computer, and had nothing else to do.

You know you want to click me...Collapse )

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Just a reminder that this is friends only. If you're nosy and need more than the occasional i'm-still-alive post, add me, and comments saying who you are and where you're from.
Even if I don't know you, or even like you, I'll probaly add you.
That is unless I know you in real life.
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I'm going on a FOURTEEN HOUR road trip from New York to Atlanta.
What happened to airplanes?
Thank you, and that will explain my three day absence.
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